October 2021

The Lancaster Castaways – On October 18th, the Lancaster Police Department and City of Lancaster Animal Shelter requested the assistance of the Animal Investigation and Response field team to assist with the extraction of animals from a property they believed to be a location where animals were being housed in substandard living conditions. Upon serving the search warrant, it was confirmed that the living conditions were not suitable for any living being to endure. The smell of urine as the team entered the kitchen was very notable. The level of filth was easily seen on the walls and surfaces. Areas of the house were not structurally sound and a danger to human and animal lives.

Animal Investigation & Response assists authorities when they are faced with situations like this. Our organization provides a team of experienced Responders to assist with all levels of needs; skilled animal handlers and extraction team, evidence documentation, supplies, transport of animals, volunteers for daily care, emergency veterinary care, forensic veterinary care, and temporary emergency sheltering through the custody hold. They are finally given a chance at a brighter future with our placement partners. Placement: 100%