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Animal Investigation and Response is a 501(c)(3) animal protection organization that assists the authorities with animal abuse related issues such as puppy mills and animal hoarding as well as assists in disaster relief.

Based in Texas, Animal Investigation and Response was formed by two certified animal cruelty investigators who saw a need to help connect agencies with strategies and resources to investigate as well as provide aid for situations that exceed the scope of a community’s reach.


AIR’s investigation department functions on a 100% volunteer basis at this time. Collectively, our investigations team has over 5 decades of law enforcement, animal control and animal cruelty investigations experience. However, due to funding, investigators donate their time to the cause. This limits the cases we have the capacity to accept.

When requested, AIR Investigators focus on assisting authorities with investigating and documenting reports of animal cruelty and neglect, as well as providing valuable resources when available for their cases.

If you are a JURISDICTIONAL AGENCY in need of assistance for a criminal case involving a large number of animals (relative to your communities resources) click below to request assistance. 

TIPS for the GENERAL PUBLIC on how to Report Abuse:

Determine the address the abuse/neglect is occurring. Obtaining the address is extremely important as the authorities can not respond if there is no address linked to the complaint.

Determine the correct enforcement agency for the address –
If the address is within city limits, contact Animal Control. If there is not an animal control agency, contact the Police Department if located in the city limits or Sheriff’s Department if it is in the county/unincorporated area.  

Know your state and local animal laws:

Local ordinances –

Your city ordinances may be stricter than your state laws. So be sure you stay up to date on the efforts your city has put in to their city ordinances to make your community safer for animals and pets. Most city ordinances are located online or they may need to be obtained by calling your city animal control. If you feel your ordinances need improvement, get involved to help introduce better language to your existing local laws. If you need assistance or examples of ways to improve the current language visit Texas Humane Legislation Network for resources to help.

 Texas laws –

To review state laws as they pertain to animals, go to

Other TIPS that will increase the chances of action by the authorities:

  • Document the situation as well as you can with dates, times, specific details, and, if possible, footage and photographs. All of these things can help appropriate agencies during any investigation.

  • Understand your state and local laws to include with your report.

  • Report the abuse/neglect immediately to the proper authorities. Any delay in reporting could mean a loss of the animal’s life or the evidence you may have may become stale/too old to utilize.

  • Provide documentation (clear photos/video, time/date notes).

  • Ask for a report # for a follow-up call.

  • FOLLOW UP – Call back and ask if the situation has been attended to. Authorities may not be able to give you specific information but they can let you know if they responded to the complaint

  • Continue to be the eyes and ears for the animal in need and document progression/deterioration of the situation over time (pictures/video). If the situation does not get better, report again.

  • Build a relationship with the agency handling animal issues to find out what resources may be lacking that may be provided by other organizations or businesses. Many times it is the lack of known resources that might make the difference.

  • If the situation is not being resolved, contact city or county officials.
Remember, you may be the only witness to the abuse/neglect and might be the only hope for the animal to receive help.
Do not give up.

We are NOT currently accepting reports of animal abuse from the general public.

  • Please contact your local law enforcement or local animal control to file a report.
  • If you feel that the situation you are wanting to report is an emergency and the animal(s) life is in immediate danger or a dog/cock fight is in progress, please do not delay in contacting your local law enforcement authorities immediately by dialing 911.

If you are an AGENCY with a large scale animal situation, a situation that exceeds the scope of your local resources or to request more information, please visit our AGENCY RESOURCES PAGE. 

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We are NOT a rescue organization



Our fearless team of highly trained responders assists law enforcement and communities with animal abuse related issues such as puppy mills, animal hoarding, blood sports, and assists in emergency and disaster relief. 

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