No Animal Left Behind


AIR needs your support to continue protecting animals as well as bringing those responsible for animal abuse to justice. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with no government funding. All our income comes from the generosity of individuals and businesses who believe in our mission.

AIR is the ONLY mobile animal response unit servicing the entire state of Texas that assists authorities, with large-scale animal cruelty cases, & disaster response.

How Your Money Helps


Your donations provide new lives and new beginnings to animals across Texas


Donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE

Log in to Amazon on your computer, sign up for AmazonSmile, and select Animal Investigation and Response as your preferred charity.

0.5% of your eligible purchases are donated to AIR directly at no additional cost to you.

Choose “Animal Investigation and Response” when you shop online with the Amazon Mobile App. This feature must be turned ON!

Amazon Wish List

Each response requires many resources, we have created an updated Wish List of items if you prefer to make direct in-kind donations. 

Sign in to Amazon and select items to donate directly to our responses through our Wish List.

Birthday Fundraisers

Proceeds go directly our life-saving efforts, plus, you’ll receive a free gift (raise up to $299 to receive an AIR magnet, raise $300+ to receive an AIR embroidered patch AND a magnet) and a shoutout from us at the end of your birthday month.

Car Donations

Got a vehicle you’d like to donate? CarEasy makes vehicle donations simple.

Donating is easy, the pick-up is free, and your gift is tax-deductible.

Grocery Shopping

Did you know you can donate to AIR while you grocery shop? That’s right! Head to your local Kroger or Tom Thumb and start shopping (and donating). 

Legacy Giving

Life is short, consider leaving a legacy of love behind and adding Animal Investigation and Response in your will. 

Write a Check

If you prefer, checks can be mailed to Animal Investigation & Response. Please make checks payable to Animal Investigation and Response send to:

Animal Investigation and Response
PO Box 100383
Fort Worth, TX 76185

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We are NOT a rescue organization


Our fearless team of highly trained responders assists law enforcement and communities with animal abuse related issues such as puppy mills, animal hoarding, blood sports, and assists in emergency and disaster relief.