Volunteer to make a Difference

We have so many incredible volunteers who make AIR a special organization.

There is no greater reward than to go home after a response knowing that you woke up and chose to #DefendAnimalDignity with the most incredible team of volunteers at your side.

We invite you to join our team by filling out the volunteer application form below.


No Animal Left Behind

As AIR Responders, we work to provide relief and safety to animals in large scale cruelty situations or in disasters in need of help. We also provide veterinary support and networking assistance for displaced animals in the community after a natural disaster, aiming to reunite individuals with their lost animals. 

When the situation gets tough, AIR gets tougher.

Our team of Emergency Responders work hard to make sure animals needs are met, and we will do everything we can to find a brighter future for them.

No Task Is Too Small... We have jobs duties for ALL skill levels.

We NEVER know when the next response will arise. The phone rings, and our responders are immediately put into action.

Volunteer Duties

- Manpower through our responder program
- Socialization of animals
- Animal intake (extraction)
- Animal transport from scene to shelter
- Emergency sheltering
- Evacuation transport
- Medical (exams, treatment, care)
- Behavioral (assessments)
- Transfer through placement partners

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Thank you for your interest in becoming an AIR Responder!

Please fill out the responder application, and you will be the first to know when we have scheduled the next AIR Responder Orientation