March 2022

Upshur County – Gilmer, TX

On March 23, 2022, AIR deployed after a tornado tore through areas of East Texas. At the request of Upshur County authorities, AIR Responders set up an emergency temporary animal shelter for animals who were affected by the devastated area. Animals who were displaced from their homes and property were housed at AIR’s temporary emergency shelter and cared for by AIR Responders to enable the families that were affected to get back on their feet.

AIR also provided assistance for displaced animals in the community to reunite individuals with their lost animals through AIR’s helpline. The team also provided needed supplies, such as; food, bowls, leashes, to families with pets. AIR’s medical team was also deployed to assist with the unclaimed animals, to prepare them for placement. After all efforts were made to find the owners of the unclaimed animals, AIR reached out to placement partners for assistance. Placement: 99%