March 2023 – Olney 26 Response

Olney 26

Olney, Young County, TX – On March 24, 2023, the Olney Police Department (OPD)  seized 26 dogs living in deplorable conditions. The animals were found living in their own waste with various health issues including clinical emaciation. The animals were taken to the Humane Society of Young County (HSYC) doubling their animal count and exceeding shelter capacity. HSYC called us to help care for the confiscated dogs since their shelter was already at capacity.

The Olney Police Department found dogs living in “deplorable conditions.” They found some of the dogs were severely emaciated and needed immediate removal and care. OPD Chief Dan Birbeck said as they made their way through the house “there were dogs barricaded in rooms, such as closets, with piles of feces which had petrified due to time. A total of 26 dogs were found living in neglected conditions within the home.”

“The swift action from the Olney Police Department saved the lives of these dogs!” – says Monica Ailey, President of AIR.

We give major props to OPD and Olney Animal Control for understanding that time was critical for some of the worst dogs in this case. Some of these dogs were very close to death as they had been living this way for an extended time, but now, they are receiving the care they need.”

AIR Responders and HSYC cared for the dogs, provided daily care, medical care, and the enrichment they have been lacking.

Kim Meloncon, Director of Emergency Services stated, “It was amazing to see how much weight they have gained and how happy they are to just be dogs not that they receive continuous food, water, vetting and enrichment. They are now on a healthy routine and are thriving! THIS is why we do what we do and do it all over again!”

All 26 dogs were transported to a trusted out-of-state partner organization, Wayside Waifs in Kansas City, MO. There they are continuing their care, treatment, and love while they await their forever homes!

The REAL Cost of Responding to Animal Abuse Cases

Even though this is a smaller response, this response cost us over $300 PER DOG from start to finish. With 26 dogs total, that adds up QUICK! Costs for each of these dogs include deploying our resources, vetting, vaccinations, health certifications, enrichment, gas, and our team to haul the dogs 1,100 miles!

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