March 2024 – Operation Boneyard Response

March 2024 - Erath County

March 18, 2024The largest seizure of animals in Erath County took place on Monday, March 18. 

In early March,  the Erath County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO) contacted AIR about an ongoing investigation at a property on CR 712 in Erath County

We assisted the Sheriff’s office with warrant service, which resulted in the seizure of over 100 animals. The animals seized from cruel conditions consisted of numerous dogs, cats, hamsters, rats, reptiles consisting of lizards and snakes, birds, horses, goats, pigs, and a ferret. 

These animals were left with inadequate food, water, shelter, and were living amongst piles of animal waste, trash, and decaying animals.  

All the surviving animals were extracted from the horrific conditions then moved and cared for at an undisclosed location. There, the animals began their much-needed veterinary care and rehabilitation facilitated by the AIR medical and veterinary team.

AIR Responders worked alongside the sheriff’s department to provide care for the animals. 


Daily care was provided until the animals were transferred into the care of our trusted placement partners. AIR assisted authorities in removing the animals, documenting, vetting, and providing daily care of the animals while on a custody hold. AIR also provides case support for civil hearings and criminal cases. After we’ve been awarded custody, we begin our search for placement among our responsible placement partners to carry out any continued medical needs and adoptions.

With our placement partners, the animals begin their necessary journey to heal and hopefully find a loving forever family.

Placement Partners And Success Stories From Operation Boneyard

A great big THANK YOU to our placement partners who have helped to transport and continue to care for these animals and their ongoing medical needs.


It isn’t enough to simply remove them from dangerous and unlivable conditions. These animals are deserving of dignity and loving homes. 🧡


If you have loved following along on the #OperationBoneyard Response and journey, then please follow these placement partners and consider donations to help contribute to the continued care of these courageous animals.

Second Chance Farm (SCF) is recognized for their commitment to take in animals with the highest level of needs. They prioritize the underdogs of all species — including those that have a hard time finding a new home and those with substantial medical needs.

Many of the animals from #OperationBoneyard need more medical attention and SCF could use your help for their ongoing care! Please consider making a donation to SCF to help continue to care for these deserving animals.2 goats from #OperationBoneyard were taken in by SCF, and we are proud to announce they have been adopted!

When we call our friends at the Humane Society of Wichita County, they always answer! They agreed to take in several dogs, some birds, many hamsters and a handsome rat named Kevin into their program. 

Currently, two dogs named Oliver and Alfred and Kevin the rat have found their forever homes!

Extra special thanks to Erath County Humane Society who not only assisted us with #OperationBoneyard but helped transport these animals safely on to their happy new beginnings! 

As many of you know, we have a great partnership with Humane Tomorrow. Not only did they send their Rapid Response Team to come help us with daily care, heartworm tests, and vaccination for #OperationBoneyard. They also accepted many of the dogs into their program!

Montana, aka Winnie, was adopted into her new family after being taken in by Humane Tomorrow. Her new owner says Montanna loves to cuddle with her new brother, Oliver.

Our team gave all the love and kindness they could offer while she waited for her knight in shining armor (her personal transport) to drive her to her foster mom with Houston Chow Chow Connection.

 Long gone are the days of living tethered to a tree with a plywood dog house surrounded by bodies of decaying animals. This beautiful girl has a new beginning with a new name. Can you guess what her new name is? Bluebonnet!

Our partnership with some of the leading animal agencies in Texas help us respond faster and allow us to care for these deserving animals. Operation Kindness has stepped up for a couple of the #OperationBoneyard pups, and we are endlessly grateful for their partnership! 

Wishing the happiest life to these two sweet little ones!

This single mom and her 4 little piggies found themselves living in a horse trailer with no food or water. Lucky for them, help was on the way and they moved on to a bright new future. 

Special thanks to Peach Pits Animal Rescue for taking them under your wing until they are ready for adoption!

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