February 2023 – Pet Posse Response

Pet Posse

Burkburnett, Wichita County, TX – On Tuesday, February 7, 2023, Animal Investigation and Response’s emergency response team assisted the Burkburnett Police Department and Humane Society of Wichita County (HSWC) in the seizure of over 400 animals from Little Critters Pet Shop in downtown Burkburnett. 

After a thorough investigation, the police department found over 400 animals living in deplorable, crowded, unsanitary and inhumane conditions within the business operating as Little Critters Pet Shop. A warrant was obtained by Burkburnett Police Department as it was determined to be in the best interest of the animals’ health and safety to be taken into custody.

AIR and HSWC were contacted to provide assistance due to the high number of animals to be safely extracted from the business. Many of the animals were in poor condition due to the deplorable conditions inside of the business. Numerous species were taken into custody including birds, snakes, rabbits, guinea pigs, and kittens. Animals were safely extracted from the property by AIR responders and HSWC then transported with AIR’s Emergency Response unit to the Emergency Temporary Shelter at HSWC where they will be cared for and brought back to health.

Since the seizure, the animals have been in the care of HSWC. They are receiving necessary veterinary attention as well as the love and care they need and crave. The animals are on their way to a brighter future! These animals lived in terrible conditions for so many years and deserve this new lease on life.

For more information about HSWC, visit their website: www.humanesocietyofwichitacounty.org/about-us-2/

Pet Posse Success Stories




Lefty, Whiskey, & Gideon

Lefty is the white bird on the cage. He only has one leg, and was previously kept in a cage where he couldn’t even stretch out his wings! Because of his disability, he doesn’t feel stable enough to be held, but he does love being pet, and now his cage is open all day so he can come in and out as he pleases! He loves watching out the window, and most days he will do it all day. He also loves showers!

Whiskey is the yellow, orange, and green bird. She was previously being kept as a breeder. While it took a few weeks for her to open up and trust again, she now happily rides around on her new parents’ shoulders. She loves toys and investigating things outside of her cage. She’s super curious and busy all of the time!

Gideon is the white bird outside. He believes he runs his new household! He helps himself to the food containers in the mornings, and when he gets bored, he’ll climb down off his cage to come search for his parents. He loves to “go water the flowers” in the morning (it’s something he’s learned to say as well!) and enjoys sitting outside in the sunshine. He likes to keep busy by bossing everyone in the house!

Lefty, Whiskey, and Gideon are now living happily ever after. The birds now have their own room, so they can be as loud as they would like, and have all day to be outside of their cages without anyone having to worry about them getting into something harmful. They are finally getting the attention and love that they need and DESERVE. 

Marie Laveau

Rachael Parker adopted this sweet girl who was rescued from a pet store with deplorable conditions earlier this year. Her name is Marie Laveau and she is a Pineapple Conure! She has gone from being scared of almost everything and biting to now living her very best life! She loves watermelon, raisins, head scratches, and snuggles! She even had her first bath recently.

Hannibal & Mr. T

Having rats has been a great learning experience for their new owner, Bishop. He is giving them fresh water and food everyday. At night, they get tasty different treats such as apples, nuts, strawberries, and red peppers (their favorite)! 

Kiwi & Coconut

Kiwi and Coconut are a bonded pair of Lovebirds that came from the recent pet store seizure led by AIR. They were two of over 400 animals surviving in extreme inhumane conditions, lacking clean food and water, proper shelter, interaction, medical care, and the love and support pets should have.

Ever since Kiwi and Coconut (“The Kiwis”) were adopted, they have absolutely blossomed and THRIVED. They are bright-eyed, energetic, and always watching every move from their new owner and their canine housemates. 

In addition to their birdie kibble, they get a bowl full of fresh fruits and veggies every day, and occasionally raw cashews and millet springs. Shredded coleslaw mix was their favorite until their human Mom recently introduced them to broccoli. Game changer! NOW, they LOVE their broccoli!

They now live in a large bird condo, complete with all their toys that are refreshed every few days to keep them entertained and busy. They spend a lot of time hanging upside down, eating constantly, snuggling up side by side on their favorite rope perch together. They get particularly vocal when their mom takes work calls from home and when they hear the birds outside waking up each morning!

Brad Mondo

Brad is a beautiful bird and a wonderful addition to his new family! He likes to tell his family that they’re “pretty birds” and asks them what they’re doing. They also have another cockatoo who thinks Brad is the best thing since sliced bread! His new family is so happy to have another feathered friend join their flock.


It was pretty chilly the night that the animals were saved, so a volunteer decided to take Skittles to her house to stay in a heated room since, at the time, Skittles was completely naked on his belly and back and wouldn’t stop shivering!  

Skittles’ foster mom always laughed at his antics and his adorable voice. When it came time to return him to the humane society, she decided she couldn’t imagine life without Skittles and she made him a part of her forever flock! Skittles’ mom takes him everywhere with her in his very own little carrier! He’s become quite the flier so his mom is building a larger aviary to fly in so he can get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors!

Since Skittles was rescued, his feathers have started growing back in! His mom loves him whether he’s naked or not, but we are all very happy to see that Skittles’ floof is returning! 


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