July 2023 – The Aristocats Response

The Aristocats

JULY 11, 2023 – We received an urgent call for assistance about a suspected hoarding situation involving nearly 70 animals in one residence.

Most of the animals found in the residence were cats. One dog was found among the cats that was in distress and in need of immediate medical attention. These innocent souls have endured long-term suffering and desperately needed our immediate assistance.

Our amazing response team dedicated hours upon hours in making sure our newest furry friends were in a much cleaner environment and received consistent meals and nourishment.

It is important to us that they know they are finally safe.

These resilient creatures have been through so much, and we are so glad we got to give them a second chance at a happy, healthy life!

In the face of this challenging response involving almost 70 cats, we were incredibly grateful for the unwavering support from two remarkable organizations: Houston Humane Society and Operation Kindness.

These shelter partners provided essential resources and shelter space, creating a safe haven for these cats to recover and thrive. Thank you to the Houston Humane Society and Operation Kindness, we cannot express our gratitude enough!


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