March 2024 – Operation Boneyard Response

In early March, the Erath County Sheriff’s Office contacted AIR about an ongoing investigation. The evidence of this investigation led the Erath County Sheriff’s Office to obtain a seizure warrant. On March 18th, Animal Investigation & Response, Stephenville Police Department Animal Control, Erath County Humane Society and the Erath County Fire /EMS. assisted the ECSO in the seizure of over 100 animals found in unsafe and inhumane conditions.


July 2023 – The Aristocats Response

On July 11, 2023 we received an urgent call for assistance about a suspected hoarding situation involving nearly 70 animals in one residence. Most of the animals found in the residence were cats. One dog was found among the cats that was in distress and in need of immediate medical attention.


March 2023 – Olney 26 Response

On March 24, 2023, the Olney Police Department seized 26 dogs living in deplorable conditions. The animals were found living in their own waste with various health issues including clinical emaciation. The Humane Society of Young County called Animal Investigation and Response (AIR) to help care for the confiscated dogs.


February 2023 – Pet Posse Response

On Tuesday February 7, 2023, Animal Investigation and Response (AIR) emergency response team assisted the Burkburnett Police Department and Humane Society of Wichita County in the seizure of over 400 animals from a pet store in downtown Burkburnett, TX.

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